Who I Am

My name is Ariel Berk and no, sadly I was not named after a Disney princess or Shakespeare character. I am currently living in San Francisco and working as a Marketing Associate and Head Copywriter for a Appsurdity, Inc., a mobile apps startup in Silicon Valley. I was born and raised in New Hampshire and have always been passionate about images and the stories they tell. My dream jobs are to work for National Geographic, Saturday Night Live, or to name nail polish colors. I prefer lakes over the ocean, am passionate about Pad Thai and love giraffes, sweaters, fashion photography and abstract paintings.

What I Do


Collaborative, dynamic and creative environments are my calling. I bring critical thinking, quirky humor, a keen eye, and passion for words, images and people. I enjoy testing and learning, and being busy with a team.


I am all about the details. Whether choosing the best adjective, adjusting the camera angle, or managing, several projects, the small things matter to me. I’m a list-maker, a double-checker and a believer of quality over quantity.


As an avid photographer and fan of the innovative and unusual, I spend much of my free time exploring new places. I get tingly sensations in art museums, adrenaline rushes in aquariums (fish are weird) and love a well done plot twist.