Who I Am

My name is Ariel Berk and no, sadly I was not named after a Disney princess or Shakespeare character. I am a recent Phi Beta Kappa graduate from Denison University, where I studied Communication and Studio Art. I was born and raised in New Hampshire and have always been passionate about images and the stories they tell. My dream jobs are to work for National Geographic, Saturday Night Live, or to name nail polish colors. I prefer lakes over the ocean, am passionate about Pad Thai and love giraffes, sweaters, fashion photography and abstract paintings.

What I Do


Photography is a true passion of mine. Explored creatively, almost everything can be beautiful or intriguing, and I look for unusual combinations of colors, shapes and perspectives. While macro photography is my favorite, I also enjoy capturing people in a variety of different settings.

Graphic Design

Graphic design is where my interests intersect. In a society that increasingly relies on visually appealing symbols and messages, effective graphic design creates identity and conveys ideas.


In order to reach an audience, writing must be clear, concise and engaging. In addition to formal documents and papers, I have written user-friendly web content for a health insurance company, concept proposals for a new social media site and social media campaigns. Visual images can be visceral, and they create effective branding. The script that accompanies them provides context and significance.